Hammer Mill

The housing is made of heavy, stable sheet steel construction. The grinding chamber is equipped with replaceable hard steel armour plates and impact bars. Upper housing hinged, easy access to all machine parts. The pendulum-mounted, large-dimensioned impact hammers are made of highly wear-resistant, alloyed special steel and can be used on 4 impact edges.
-Easily replaceable splitting grid made of high-carbon steel -Easy changeover to another splitting grid width
-Higher setting of the splitting grid, therefore maximum utilisation of the impact hammers and uniform hourly output.

The particularly large rotor with main shaft is mounted on both sides in dust-tight ball bearings/ball bearing housings.
The machine is equipped with drive and flywheel.

The hammer mill is available from 4 kW to 75 kW.

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HW 35/20: Input approx. 0.5-1.0 cbm, Power 4 kW
HW 45/30: Input ca. 1-1,5 cbm, Power 5,5-7,5 kW
HW 45/50: Input approx. 2-3 cbm, Power 7,5-11 kW
HW 60/40: Input approx. 3-3.5 cbm, Power 11-15 kW
HW 60/50: Input approx. 4-5 cbm, Power 15-18,5 kW
HW 75/60: Input approx. 7-8 cbm, Power 37-45 kW
HW 75/80: Input approx. 10-12 cbm, Power 55-75 kW