Single Shaft Shredder WS 70

Almost all materials that can be cut can be shredded effectively and economically with the WS30.
Plastics of all kinds (hard and soft, lumps, car parts, etc.)
Electric cables, electronic scrap
Wood waste
Paper and cardboard

Maintenance-friendly robust screw construction in modular system.
User-friendly innovative PLC control with display or touch panel.
Powerful and reliable.
High availability due to a high quality standard.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 4680 x 3100 x 2410 mm
Working space: 1800 x 1600 mm
Rotor length: 1800 mm
Rotor diameter: 588 mm
Number of knives: 104 pieces
Drive power: 90 – 132 kW
Sieve hole: 10 – 100 mm
Weight: approx. 12,000 kg