Wire Drawing Machine DZ-1

The wire pulling machine “DZ-1” was developed for coring aluminium overhead line wire. The operation of the machine is very simple and uncomplicated.

The feed rollers can be adjusted to different steel core diameters (3-20 mm) by means of a hand wheel. A feed area of approx. 100 mm must be manually exposed from the aluminium overhead wire. Then the steel core is fed to the feed rollers. As soon as these have gripped the wire, the steel core is pulled out of the aluminium overhead wire.

The retention of the Al wire, and thus the fast and efficient separation of the material, is done by a special tool. Tool inserts for wire diameters 5/8/15/20 mm are included in the scope of delivery of the machine. Thus, the quick and efficient separation of the aluminium overhead wire from the steel core achieves the optimum price for the clean aluminium in the trade.


Manufacturer: RMH
Drive power: 2.2 KW / 400 V
Pulling speed: 20 metres/min
Processed diameter steel core: 3 – 20 mm
Feeding rollers: 2 x 3 pcs.
Feeding tools: 2 pcs
Adjustment: mechanical/handwheel
Weight: 300 Kg
Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 990 x 635 x 1290 mm