Cable Stripping Machine RMH 100

This machine is particularly suitable for processing electrical waste with PVC and rubber and is made almost entirely of aluminium. Heavy drive wheels enable the reworking of large cable diameters.
Hole guide for small diameters from 1 – 52 mm.
Hole guide for large diameters from 30 – 100 mm.
The RMH 100 has a two-knife system and is forward and backward running. The knife systems can be used simultaneously.
Holes on the base plate for mounting the machine on a table or workbench.


Drive: 1,1 KW
Diameter cable 1st side: 1 – 52 mm
Diameter cable 2nd side: 30 – 100 mm
Cutting speed: 25 m per minute
Weight: 120 Kg
System: Two blade system. Forward and reverse.

The knife systems can be used simultaneously.

Dimensions L x W x H: 900 x 500 x 550 mm