Wet Separating Table RMH CSP III

Wet separation table with pneumatic conveyor system/pod version
– Ready for connection
– Pre-installed on pedestal with adjustable feet and forklift guides
– incl. pneumatic conveyor system and control panel
The wet separation table was primarily designed for use in cable recycling, but due to its parameters it is also suitable for use in a wide range of other separation processes.
The design as a two-mass oscillating system ensures a consistently high quality of the achievable material separation in different frequency ranges at throughput rates of up to 250 kg/h.
Foundation anchoring and time-consuming alignment of the table are a thing of the past. The wet separation table is mounted on height-adjustable machine feet, which ensure fast and uncomplicated alignment.
The design of the lower chute, which serves as a discharge for the light fraction, guarantees on the one hand minimized metal losses during the separation process, and on the other hand high purity of the water, which is pumped and cleaned in a circuit and ensures high separation quality over a long period of time.
The wet separation table can be combined with a wide range of different plant concepts, also as an add-on solution for dry separation plants.
The separation of metallic from non-metallic components is achieved by their different behavior resulting from the density difference in a water bed, which is applied to the wet separation table via nozzles. While the heavy fraction moves upwards on the table, the light fraction floats and is flushed out with the water. This guarantees almost 100% separation of the materials, regardless of the structure of the material to be ground.
In addition to its outstanding separation efficiency, the wet separation table is characterized above all by low energy consumption, low space requirements, and last but not least by a favorable price and very low operating costs.



Drive: 5,6 Kw
parting surface: 1900 x 720 mm
Electric drive: 400 V 32 A
weight: 1200 kg
L x W x H: 1750 x 2250 x 2420 mm