Two Shaft Shredder WTS 300

The input material is drawn in by the two shafts running slowly against each other (therefore dust and noise free), on which knife discs are mounted. This process is monitored by an intelligent and innovative PLC control. If the machine is overloaded or if there are foreign bodies in the cutting unit, the control reverses. Due to the exact cutting gap of the cutter discs, the material is shredded in a power-saving way. The attached scraper comb prevents the material to be shredded from winding up and being pulled up. The blade width or the number of blades determines the output size of the material.
With this robust machine, which is massively designed for a long service life, it is possible to economically shred not only hazardous waste, metal shavings, electronic scrap, sheet metal drums and many more, but also containers of all kinds filled with liquids.
all types of industrial waste, sheet metal and plastic containers
production waste, file folders, paper, cardboard,
electronic scrap, electric cables, metal shavings
Food, food waste, biogenic waste, wood
glass, plastics, various containers filled with liquids, etc.
With a wide range of options for feed and discharge, special hopper shapes and various machine bases, the shredder can be optimally adapted to the respective requirements.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 1140 x 975 x 345 mm
Working space: 272 x 400 mm
Blade discs : 190 mm
Knife width: 13 mm
Drive power: 2 x 3,0 kW
Weight: 560 kg