RMH CSP l with Granulator 16/22

Wet separation table with pneumatic transport system/platform version

– Ready for connection
– Pre-installed on pedestal with adjustable feet and forklift guides
– incl. pneumatic conveyor system and control panel

The wet separation table was primarily designed for use in cable recycling, but its parameters also make it suitable for use in a wide range of other separation processes.

Can be combined with the RMH 16/22 granulator with 4 KW drive power. Different sizes of granulators and wet separation tables can be offered. This is the smallest version.

Demonstration machine
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Drive CSP l: 0.55 KW
Separating surface CSP l: 550 x 290 mm
Electric drive CSP l: 400 V 32 A
Weight CSP l: 120 kg
Dimensions CSP l: 1200 (L) x 900 (W) x 1800 (H) mm
Drive granulator: 4 Kw
Rotor diameter granulator: 160 mm
Rotor knife granulator: 6 x 110 mm
Stator knife granulator: 4 x 110 mm
Dimensions granulator: 835 (L) x 490 (W) x 1275 (H) mm
Weight granulator: 220 kg