G40 / G60 Special

Our portfolio now also includes machines for processing residual rolls, for example from paper production, the packaging industry, printers, textile, aluminium rolls, foil rolls, etc. These heavy rolls cannot be processed efficiently or safely with the normal slitters, but with these special “guillotine” slitters this is no longer a problem.

The G40 Special reel splitter has two light barriers on the sides. The safety flaps are fitted for extra hand protection. As soon as you reach through the light barriers, the machine stops its working process.
We also offer the G40 Special in the G60 version.
All data can be adapted according to customer requirements.
(Sensors | Protective grids | Light barriers | Colour etc.)



Drive: 11 KW
Connections: 400 V / 3 phase / 50 Hz
Cutting force: 400 KN (40 T)
Working pressure: 210 bar
Working cycle: 24 s
Cutting height: up to 600 mm
Cutting width: up to 1500 mm
Oil tank: 100 litres
Weight: 3500 kg

Important: Roller cutting width and roller cutting height can be adjusted as required. Depending on the customer’s requirements, with protective grid sensors, light barriers, etc.