Cable Granulator RMH 2D

The RMH 2D cable granulator grinds cables with different dimensions (for example household cables, installation cables, industrial cables) and then separates the metal and plastic fractions on the dry separation table.
When the cables are ground in the granulator, the material is broken down between the blades of a high-speed rotor and the blades of a stationary stator. At the same time, the cable is crushed and the plastic coating or sheathing is peeled off.

During separation on the dry separation table, the ground copper/plastic mixed fraction is evenly fed onto the inclined working screen. The oscillation of the working screen and the uniform air flow put the mixed fraction into a flowing state. In the process, the specifically heavier particles (copper) sink onto the sieve and the specifically lighter particles (plastic) float. The heavier particles (copper) are slowly conveyed up the screen by the conveying movement of the working screen into the collection container/conveyor belt for metal (copper). The lighter particles (plastic) slowly float down the sieve and fall off, towards the back of the separating table.