Alligator Shears Deltax DTX 600S

Deltax_DTX600S with hydraulic hold-down device
(New machine)

The DTX 600S has 20% more cutting force than the standard Deltax DTX600.
This was achieved by installing a larger cylinder and using a smaller second pump.
A larger first pump is used to maintain the same cutting speed.
All other modifications are to strengthen the machine to handle the extra power.
The weight increase due to the reinforcement modifications and the larger ram is approx. 250 kg.

Also possible with manual control
Alternative: Deltax DTX600
Cutting force: 172 tons | Weight: 2000Kg | All other technical data are the same

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Manufacturer: Deltax
Hold-down device: Hydraulic hold-down device
Dimension (L x W x H): 2010 x 902 x 1500 mm
Blade length: 610 mm
Number of strokes at 1/4 opening: 40 cuts at quarter opening
Number of strokes at full opening: 12 cuts at full opening
Knife opening: 330 mm
Cutting force : 206 tons
Drive : 11 kw/32 CEE plug
Weight : approx. 2250 kg